SEE: 50 Questions To Appear In 2019 UTME Novel ‘Sweet Sixteen’ From Jamb Questions

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This are 50 questions that will appear in 2019 UTME/JAMB question from sweet sixteen novel like wise the summery. 

    1. Right from childhood aliya had always suffered——- ans; asthma
    2. Aliya could not give bobo back his gift when she met him because of———ans; she didn’t want to hurt him
    3. If mr. bello, didn’t have  ready  answer to your question,  he would pretend not to understand so as to ——– ans; buy himself time
    4. When they resumed school the following term ,aliya  learnt that bobo had relocated with his father to ——- ans;  ireland
    5. While aliya  was in  a haste  to see the principal immediately after the first period,she dropped ——- ans;a pen
    6. Aliya ‘s classmate who called her back to pick up her pen was —- ans ; bisi
    7. The class terribly boring to aliya  and probably her classmate was  —– ans ; the geography class
    8. The principal told  aliya that her boyfriend  had a special present  for her this year.her boyfriend refers to aliya —– ans ; father
    9. While aliya ‘s dad was yoruba ,her principal was—–ans; tiv

Click here ->> To see 18 Jamb Questions From Sweet-Sixteen That Came Out

  1. When aliya received the gift from the principal ,she felt excited because—–ans; she was relieved since all her fears were unfounded
  2. Among the three items contained  in box sent to aliya  by her father for her birthday at 16, the ome she liked most was—-ans; the digital camera
  3. The spiral bound document which was among the gifts sent to aliya at 16 had a blue cover that bore an inscription——ans; letter to my daughter
  4. In the 16-page letter sent to aliya ‘s at 16 by her father ,each page  captured  aliya’s —-for the sixteen yaers. ans; life
  5. In the letter that aliya’s father wrote to her when she was 16, he recalled interesting outing they had some years before ,which was.  ans; driving around town
  6. The chelsea football club jersey aliya wore for the outing had her nickname printed on her back. what was the nickname ans;—- first lady
  7. ”You are to going to be worse than your mother ”who made the above the statement —–ans; mr bello
  8. Why was the statement made—– ans;  aliya was standing long in front of the mirror
  9. Aliya’s mother nicknamed aliya and her father tom and jerry  because  —–ans; they loved each other
  10. Aliya envied the girls she saw by the traffic light selling things because,to her —-ans; they were having fun
  11. According to aliya’s grandma,their house looked like prison because—-ans; it had tall fences
  12. Aliya’s father believed that if the girls hawking by the traffic light were able to get good education ,they could climb out of —ans; poverty
  13. Aliya’s father told her that she should work hard like thosew girls she saw hawking ,if not harder,because it is easier to climb up on an empty stomach than a full one,meaning ——ans; those who suffer to rise in life succeed more
  14. According to aliya’s father,children of poor parents need to hunger succeed.what type of hunger is meant here—–ans; hunger to improve one’s condition
  15. In this novel ,aunty gigsi was——ans; a popular fast food place
  16. The opportunity to teach aliya about menstruation came up to her father —–ans; at the ice scream place
  17. In their conversation aliya told her father that she read about sex from a magazine called —–ans; cosmopolitan
  18. Auntie molara who magazine aliya read about sex was aliya’s —–ans; mother younger sister
  19. Aliya would like to call her father mr.bello  whenever —- ans; she was annoyed
  20. (”you see aliya ,your mind is like a beautiful room you have to be careful what you let in) Who made this  statement—- ans; aliya father
  21. The statement in the extract above was meant to  caution aliya on  —- ans; how she used the internet
  22. When aliya was about to ask her father the most important question of her life, all that he cared above was his ——ans; television
  23. Anyway what were you saying?. you know we have a match this evening, ‘we’ as used in the extract above refers to—-ans; chelsea
  24. Aliya and her mother would always pray for chelsea to win the match so that—— ans; her father will be happy
  25. If mr. bello didn’t have a ready answer to your question, he would pretend not to understand so as to—— ans; by himself time
  26. According mr. bello, the ‘five-why’ test means by asking ‘why’five times—- ans every issue will be clarified
  27. In the night of the day aliya saw bobo and morayo walking together to the refectory, she had a nightmare about——ans; bobo and morayo kissing each other
  28. According to aliya, HAK and KOTL mean——ans; hugs and kisses/kiss on the lips
  29. Aliya did not want to have anything to do zak who passed a note of friendship to her even though he was handsome and vrey popular because ——ans; every girl would like to have him
  30. According to aliya’s father, what makes people who are intelligent, people that everyone would agree cation
  31. Aliya’s father liked to hear stories because of his background as—— ans; journalistwere destined for greatness fall by the wayside is—— ans;gratification
  32. Aliya’s father liked to hear stories because of his background as —— ans;a journalist
  33. Aliya told her  father that, in their school, some students were caught in the basketball at night doing 53x, during prep. here, 53x means— ans having sex
  34. Aliya told her father that she would like to donate nebulisher to the school—–ans; clinic
  35. This novel titled sweet sixteen was written by ——-ans; bolaji abdullahi
  36. The authe of this novel holds a bacheler of science degree in mass communication from the university of ——–ans; lagos
  37. This novel is grouped according to—–ans; 53
  38. At 14, aliya read a book titled——ans; sweet sixteen
  39. While aliya’s mother was a nurse, her father was—–ans; many things
  40. In aliya’s school, greeting any adult by every student was——–ans; compulsory
  41. Bobo’s real name was——ans; tokunbo alabi

Click here ->> To see 18 Jamb Questions From Sweet-Sixteen That Came Out

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